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Top 5 Online Learning Platforms in 2023

Online learning is not just a fleeting trend—it’s the future. Over the past few years, online learning has grown from a niche mode of education to a powerful industry, influencing traditional educational systems worldwide. As of 2023, with global e-learning revenues surpassing a staggering $325 billion, it’s evident that people everywhere are embracing the convenience, flexibility, and diverse opportunities online learning provides. For professionals, students, hobbyists, and lifelong learners alike, it’s never been a better time to tap into this goldmine of knowledge.

Top 5 Online Learning Platforms in 2023

Online Learning Platforms vs. Online Course Platforms

Navigating the realm of online learning might seem daunting at first, primarily due to the plethora of platforms available. Let’s break it down. Essentially, there are two main types of platforms: online learning platforms and online course platforms. Now, you might think, “Aren’t they the same?” Well, not quite.

Online learning platforms offer comprehensive curricula, integrating diverse courses, often ranging from hobby-centric topics to rigorous professional certifications. Think of them as digital universities—places where a community thrives, learners engage with one another, and there’s a structured path for knowledge acquisition.

In contrast, online course platforms have a narrower focus. They enable individual educators or subject matter experts to craft, promote, and sell their unique courses. So while they might offer deep dives into specialized subjects, they often lack a standardized curriculum.

Guide to Choosing the Best Platform

Selecting the right platform from the vast ocean of online learning options can be a bit overwhelming. However, by focusing on a few critical factors, you can ensure you’re making an informed decision.

  1. Identify Your Goals: Before diving in, ask yourself—what do I wish to achieve with online learning? Whether it’s upskilling for a job, discovering a new hobby, or merely feeding your innate curiosity, your goals will guide your platform choice.
  2. Budget: Naturally, costs matter. Online learning platforms come with varied pricing models—some charge a monthly or yearly subscription, while others price per course. Weigh the costs against the benefits and decide what fits your pocket best.
  3. Course Variety: The beauty of online learning is in its vastness. Platforms vary in their offerings—some might be tech-centric, while others could cater to creative minds. Ensure your chosen platform aligns with your interests.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: A pivotal part of learning involves feedback. Opt for platforms that provide timely and constructive critiques, either through automated tools or peer reviews.     
  5. Platform Usability: Lastly, a seamless user experience can significantly boost your learning. A clunky interface or complex navigation can deter even the most enthusiastic learner. Hence, choose a platform that’s intuitive and user-friendly.


Price of the Course

Who is it for?

Free Trial Possibility

LinkedIn Learning

Part of LinkedIn Premium subscription (~$29.99/month or more depending on the region)

Professionals looking to enhance job skills, switch careers, or gain new expertise.

Yes, typically 1 month


Varies widely (from $9.99 to $199.99+); often on sale

Those looking for a wide range of topics, from hobbies to professional skills.

No, but often has previews


Varies (Free to $100+); Some courses are free but certification costs. Also offers specializations and degrees for higher prices.

Students and professionals looking for academic-quality courses, often in collaboration with universities.

Yes, 7-day trial for Specializations


Subscription-based (~$19/month or $99/year)

Creatives and anyone looking to learn artistic or soft skills.

Yes, typically around 14 days


Several hundred to a few thousand dollars per nanodegree program.

Those focusing on tech subjects like programming, AI, data science.

No free trial, but has some free courses

LinkedIn Learning

Overview: LinkedIn Learning, an extension of the professional networking giant, stands among the premier online learning platforms for career advancement. Designed specifically for professionals, it offers curated courses aligned with industry trends.

Why we chose it: As professional landscapes evolve, LinkedIn Learning consistently adapts, making it one of the top online learning platforms for career-driven individuals.

Pricing: Subscription-based, offering both monthly and annual plans / Accessible on cloud-based systems and through a mobile app.


  • Curated Pathways: Courses seamlessly fit into learning pathways, aiding in structured progression.
  • Industry-Recognized: Graduates often find their skills immediately relevant in the corporate world.
  • Integration with LinkedIn: Directly displaying course completion on LinkedIn profiles enhances a learner’s professional footprint.


  • Might fall short for hobby-oriented courses.
  • The vast array of options can sometimes be overwhelming.


Overview: Udemy, one of the most versatile online learning platforms, champions individual growth with its eclectic course collection. From mastering software to baking, it’s truly a platform of endless possibilities.

Why we chose it: In the world of online learning platforms, Udemy stands out for its unmatched course variety.

Pricing: Pay-per-course with frequent promotional discounts / Accessible across devices.


  • Diverse Course Pool: From professional skills to personal passions, Udemy covers a broad spectrum.
  • Lifetime Access: This feature ensures students can revisit concepts anytime.
  • Instructor Engagement: Regular interaction with instructors boosts clarity and engagement.


  • Due to its open structure, course quality can vary.
  • Absence of formal accreditation might deter some.


Overview: Coursera, aligning with top-tier universities, is a beacon in the world of online learning platforms. Offering academic rigor alongside flexibility, it’s tailored for the discerning learner.

Why we chose it: Collaborations with top universities have positioned Coursera as a heavyweight among online learning platforms.

Pricing: Courses range from free to premium based on depth and specialization / Both desktop and mobile accessibility.


  • High Academic Standards: Reflecting university-grade content, learners reap the benefits of structured education.
  • Adaptable Deadlines: Catering to the busy professional, Coursera ensures flexibility.
  • Community Learning: Peer-reviewed tasks stimulate group interactions.


  • Advanced courses can strain the pocket.
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.


Overview: Skillshare, shining among online learning platforms, blends creativity with practicality. Its project-based approach ensures hands-on learning, making it a favorite among creatives.

Why we chose it: For those seeking a fusion of creativity and structure in online learning platforms, Skillshare delivers.


Pricing: Subscription-based / Cloud-ready with an interactive mobile app.


  • Engaging Course Design: Every class ends with a hands-on project, making learning tangible.
  • Broad Creative Offerings: Courses range from graphic design to storytelling.
  • Community Insights: Sharing projects and receiving feedback enriches the learning experience.


  • Lack of accreditation.

Some topics might need a deeper dive.


Overview: In the tech-dominated era, Udacity holds a distinctive place among online learning platforms. Its nanodegree programs, centered on tech proficiencies, promise industry relevance.

Why we chose it: Focusing on tech’s cutting edge, Udacity is a beacon among online learning platforms for tech enthusiasts.

Pricing: Each nanodegree program encapsulates courses and projects / Primarily cloud-based.


  • Industry-Centric Projects: Created alongside tech giants, they guarantee relevance.
  • Consistent Mentor Support: Personalized guidance streamlines the learning process.
  • Career Advancement Tools: Beyond learning, Udacity gears students for the job market.


  • Might be pricey for some.
  • Concentrated tech emphasis limits variety.
Top 5 Online Learning Platforms in 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, online learning platforms have emerged as vital tools, bridging gaps and fostering continuous growth. From the career-focused approach of LinkedIn Learning to the expansive versatility of Udemy, from the academic rigor of Coursera to the creative vibrancy of Skillshare, and not forgetting the tech-forward orientation of Udacity, there’s a platform tailored for every learner’s aspirations. It’s an era where geographical boundaries blur and time constraints fade, replaced by a world where learning is just a click away. As we navigate this digital age, it’s paramount to make informed choices, aligning one’s goals with the platform that best echoes them. The power of knowledge, after all, is magnified when paired with the right medium. Dive in, explore, and let the transformative journey of online education begin.

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